2 thoughts on “Swimming Scotties

  1. galensmomreport February 12, 2011 / 00:08

    I have read that due to their top heavy build and short legs there isn’t enough “pedal to the metal”.

    Because I was concerned about this matter, I sent my former boys, Duncan and Murphy to canine swim camp…LOL true! It was for boarding while I was away. They used life jackets all of the time at the school. It was a salt water pool. Afterward I always took them in the pool, lake, river whatever with their life jackets on. They always loved it too. But neither could swim without the jacket. We tried and tried.

    • Scottiedognews February 16, 2011 / 01:03

      Thanks for this. Mine are quite wary of big expanses of water and seem to know when it’s too deep to enter. They have a canny knack of finding little streams to paddle in though, but hate having to be put in a little baby bath for washing down after a walk.

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