Feeding time is the most joyous of occasions in the Scottiedognews household. We sing, (aroooooo) and dance and stand on our hind legs trying desperately to help. However, the content and nutritional value of the foods we feed our scottie, can sometime cause them tummy upsets. Let us know how you have coped and what food types your scottie likes best

4 thoughts on “Food

  1. galensmomreport February 11, 2011 / 00:46

    Hi Scottie lovers,

    I found a diet that helped my Scottie lower the elevated enzymes. His elevated enzymes were Alkaline Phosphatase. The diet that I found was through a Scottie dog Magazine that someone happened to refer to the diet…I ordered a back issue to obtain the full diet. My Vet reviewed the diet prior to my feeding it. I haven’t yet found the written diet, but I recall that it consisted of white fish, I baked it. Baked and ugh..peeled sweet potatoes and zucchini. I do not recall any other ingredients at this time. I purchased all of the items at Walmart. Frozen box of white fish fillets, fresh sweet potatoes and zucchini. Once cooked, all went into a large pot for a good mix with the blender and the dogs ate it with gusto. Within 30 days Murphys high enzymes were down to the high side of normal We retested him in 6 mo. down a tad more and again in one year. He lived to 12 years 6 mo. He was only 6 yrs. when the high enzymes and liver disease was found. Good luck everyone.

  2. Scottiedognews February 11, 2011 / 18:30

    Hi there galensmomreport! Truly grateful for your comment. The diet you described above sounded very familiar so I looked through the American mag all about scotties that I subscribe to and I’m sure I’ve found the same diet in it’s entirety. Need to check with the editor of the mag to see if he’ll let me print it out, but it definitely has the zucchini, sweet potatoes and fish – so I;m sure its the same. Keep your fingers crossed that he’ll give us permission to publish the recipe. Thanks

  3. Scottiedognews February 11, 2011 / 18:48

    Hi everyone, did a bit more checking and came up with this: Hopefully if you click here it will take you to a Liver Cleansing Diet. Of course, please, please, please get your Scottie checked out with your Vet before deciding upon any route of action that your Vet is not aware of! – Thanks again!

  4. galensmomreport February 12, 2011 / 00:01

    Excellent investigative reporting Scottienews!! I’m so pleased that you found the exact diet. Good luck to all those who find that their Vet is willing to give it a go.

    Meanwhile I currently have my 10 mo. Scottie, Galen. He’s a typical Scotsman and eschews dry kibble. So, I located another homemade recipe for him.
    2 1/2 c. cooked brown rice (here I added a tsp of olive oil to the cooking process)
    1 lb cooked ground turkey
    8 oz. frozen/cooked veggie mix of broccoli, carrots and cauliflower.
    I added water in the blender to the veggie mix and gave it a whirl, drained the water and mixed all well.
    Galen loves it. I did the math. This diet will cost me about $75 more per YEAR over Science diet kibble. I buy it all at Sams or Costco make a big batch and freeze in 4 day servings.
    I add 2 Tbsp plain non-fat yogurt 2x per week. Alternately a cooked egg 2x per week. He gets dental treats and other “snacks”

    He is eager to see meal time roll around. Before with kibble even with topping he sauntered over reluctantly. Best to all.

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