Gus, XII Clan Member

Gus is 12 today (12th February 2011) and thus is the right age to join XII Clan. Today he had a very nice breakfast, opened his present – a bag of tennis balls and had a little play with one of them. He is very excited as he knows that there is a bag of tennis balls just waiting. We only let him have the one until it’s no more. We hope to go on a walk later, if the weather holds. Gus is always the track leader on our walks and often choses the path to follow. He’ll romp ahead, then turn to see if we’ve taken the same path, then twirl on his hind legs and trot off. If he stops to sniff, and he does that regularly, then finds himself behind, he’ll then barge his two younger brothers (Bobby and Finlay) out of the way. He just wants to be in the lead all the time! He is such a great character. Everyone in our village know Gus and they always stop us on our walks so they can have a chat with him.