Chronic Renal Failure

Unfortunately my beloved Kelpie succumbed to this at the age of 9. The dreaded symptoms of CRF tend to be overlooked as part of the ageing process. None of us wish to be going to the Vets every week and this makes it doubly hard for us to notice when our scotties show an abnormal increase/decrease in the symptoms.

The serious side of CRF did not manifest itself in Kelpie until it was too late. From diagnosis to her passing across the Rainbow Bridge was some 10 days, 3 of them in 24 hour veterinary care, on drips to see if they could “kick start” her kidneys. Unfortunately they couldn’t and I brought her home for a day so that her last memories were not of being “caged” in a strange environment, but of being surrounded by dogs and friends that loved her – yes I know, I’m adding human emotions, but that’s just me.

If anyone has further information that can help us, please let me know.

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