Last Friday Comment

Mum has decided that we ought to have an end of month round up. I suppose February is a good month to start this as a lot has happened to us all. As the eldest, I, Gus, get the chore of trying to remember what we’ve done. Not an easy task for a Scottie, but I’ll have a go.

Went on plenty of walks. The muddier ones were a little unpleasant, what with all the rain we’ve had here. But it’s good to get out.

Celebrated three in-house birthday’s, visited my other brother William to celebrated, belatedly his 12th birthday bash at his place and it was  Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary. We also remembered the loss of our scottie mum, who passed away a couple of years ago at the beginning of February, and that led us to remembering our sister, Kelpie, who would have been 12 together with me and William. So all in all a “bitter/sweet” month of anniversaries.

Mum decided to treat William and Poppy to a haircut! No photographers were allowed at this session as Mum doesn’t think she’s too good at it. William got a little frenetic, as he thought the rest of us were getting lunchtime treats, and nearly had an eyebrow removed in the process. We wouldn’t have laughed really!

Poppy was just the little lady that she is. Very calm when being groomed. I sat at the foot of the grooming table, just keeping an eye out for her and to make sure Mum was caring and considerate. She can sometimes be a little firm with us boys, but I suppose its for the best. After lunch, prepared by William & Poppy’s Mum, we all then went out on a walk round our local haunt.

All in all, a very good month. We all here at Scottie Dog News, hope you all had a good month too. If you’ve got any stories you’d like to share, just let us know and we’ll get them upload.

So for now me and my brothers are off to check that Dad is hosing down the drive properly – then it’s chip shop pie for as as we didn’t get any last night as he was out!

Arroooooo to you all

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