Gus’ 12th Birthday Walk

Well we did go out on a birthday walk, and a thoroughly lovely one it was. As usual Gus took the lead straight away. We did our normal walk, then decided to try and find Codnor Castle. These only a few walls left to see, but its under a mile from our home “as the crow flies” but in 15 years of living here we’ve yet to stumble across it. However, today, being a “special day” luck was on our side and we found it at long last.

There’s an array of photos, mainly highlighting Gus (as it was His Day). You’ll see two other scotties invading the photos every now and then: Bobby and Finlay, younger brothers to Gus. They’ll have the own post page knocking around somewhere, so keep an eye out for their activities.

On our return, all boys had to be cleaned up. The baby bath was used to wash down their little legs etc. They then get wrapped up and sit quietly for a while awaiting a “chopped carrot and apple treat”. They then sleep/rest/potter quietly around for the day.

This is the normal daily routine anyway, just that today we sought and found Codnor Castle. Monday will be back to normal – just the grassy pastures and the woods – not bad for three  scotties!

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