Watch Dog ?

Gus, the bone cruncher!

I’m watching Gus like a “hawk”. He snaffled a chicken bone on Monday evening. I accidentally dropped it and unfortunately I think it was one of those really tiny, sharp ones. So I’m watching him. He seems to be “himself”, especially on our walk yesterday. But I think today might be the day when I see “trouble”. However, we cannot get out today ‘cos the snow’s arrived. And for those of us owned by Scotties, we know their short legs can’t handle the snow. The get “snow balls” in their furnishings. And there lies another problem. Because its slightly wet and very windy, the Scottie Boys won’t go outside to do their ablutions. You have to force them. So…… in a little while, I’m going to “encourage” Gus to step outside!

I’ve just looked out of my window and the snow is blowing horizontally! Fat chance of getting anyone out in the garden

Oh well, it’s back to watching Gus. Paws crossed that he’s managed to digest the pesky bone.


2 Responses to “Watch Dog ?”
  1. Sue says:

    Oh I so feel your pain….my boy eats everything…I mean everything! Instead of naming him Mac “Dubh” I should have named him Hoover because he’s like a vacuum. I hope everything came out ok. We had an issue two weekends ago where he must have gotten ahold of something because there was a little blood in his business but thankfully that has worked itself out. We were this close to a vet visit. This is our first pup and our first (and I say first because I see another one in our future at some point) scotty. He’s almost 6 months old and can try the patience of a saint…good thing I have alot of patience…LOL

    • Scottie Dog News says:

      Welcome to the world of “Scotties” with your first Pup Mac “Dubh”. You’ll never be disappointed – they are most certainly a breed all on their own. I’ve often thought of “changing” but in reality, Scotties are in my blood and I know there will always be a Scottie in my life.

      Fortunately Gus has shown no problems with his “chicken bone snaffle” – he is a major food monster and will take anything that lands on the floor, so I do have to be careful.

      Please feel free to visit us as regularly as possible and if you have any problems, please contact us. I have 21 years of personal Scottie experience and if I can’t answer your query I know many other folk who have owned/bred scotties for longer than me that will be able to help us out. Thanks for your visit. Come back soon ……

      Karen at Scottie Dog News

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