Wear a Purple Poppy

Purple Poppy : In memory of the animal victims of war

We first “posted” this article on November 10th 2011 – so it’s about time it got another airing. We all know that November is a month of remembrance, but lets not forget all those animals that have helped achieve peace. Display a Purple Poppy and show your support.Y The Purple Poppy is to remember the animal victims of war. This “twibon” is free, and easy to apply, so hop along and get your “avatar” displaying your Purple Poppy. Get your purple poppy here …..

Awareness Bracelets


Scottish Terrier Health Network are halfway through their Awareness Month, having celebrated the Awareness Day on 11th July. Photos are still coming in, so we’ll get around to sharing those shortly. These handmade Awareness Bracelets are made using the tartan selected for Scottie Health – which is Pride of Bannockburn Tartan. The silver beads are silver plated so you’ll need a silver cloth on hand to keep them nice and shiny. Each bracelet is slightly different due to the handmade nature. Awareness Bracelets £8.00 each. A flat rate postage to USA of £3.80 (insurance covers you for 2 bracelets) and standard UK postage charges apply. If anyone is interested in purchasing, please get in touch.

Scottie Pup and Training?

training a scottie

I’d forgotten just how tiring it can be trying to keep a 13 week scottie puppy entertained. There’s just so much for them to learn – all in one go – but you don’t want to bombard them with too much “training” just in case they rebel. I’m trying to instil into Fabianne’s training regime all the stuff Cesar Milan advoates …. “Exercise, Discipline, Affection” and “Rules Boundaries, Limitations”. I think I need a refresher course for myself, never mind Fabianne. Anyway, some days are brilliant, whilst other are less so ….. but we’re all heading in the right direction. The weekend is looming and so I might be able to get Fabi out on…

Got a New Sister for Bobby!


Oh Boy! Bobby is so NOT happy! FATE transpired to place into my path the opportunity to purchase a Scottie puppy bitch with the wheaten gene. I do so want a wheaten puppy, but everyone who has wheaten bitches has a “mile long list” of potential buyers of their puppies. I’ve begged and pleaded, but it all fell on deaf ears …. until a couple of weeks ago when along came Fabianne. So, I decided to “go for it” and purchased myself this adorable black scottie bitch with the wheaten gene. She has a COI of 1.4% which in my eyes is brilliant – gives me a wonderfully wide scope of potential “boys” for her…