Care of the Scottie Coat

Sparhawk Clan at Hadrians Wall

The Scottie coat consists of two very different coat types, the softer dense undercoat and the top wiry coat. Both need to be treated with care. The coat can grow thick and this requires regular attention to maintain it. To correctly deal with the Scottie’s coat means you will need to “strip” the coat completely at least twice a year. You will also need to spend quality time with your Scottie keeping his coat looking it’s best. This may be off putting when considering owning a scottie. However, learning how to treat your Scottie’s coat correctly can be challenging, but highly rewarding. The time spent with your Scottie grooming his coat, builds a good strong…


Conformation Type and Character of the Scottish Terrier Breed Standard of the Scottish Terrier as approved by the Kennel Club (and reproduced below) General Appearance: A Scottish Terrier is a sturdy thick-set dog of a suitable size to go to ground, placed on short legs, alert in carriage, and suggestive of great power and activity in small compass. The head gives the impression of being long for a dog of its size. The body is covered with a close-lying broken, rough-textured coat; and with keen intelligent eyes and sharp prick ears the dog looks willing to go anywhere and do anything. In spite of the short legs the construction of the dog enables it to…

Origin and History

I’ve always wondered how the Scottish Terrier obtained it’s current name. Of all the breeds of “scottish terriers” only one, the Scottish Terrier, appears to have bagged that name for itself. Yes, we have the West Highland White, the Skye Terrier, Cairn and Dandie Dinmont, but none of these took the unprecendent step to have, in my humble opinion, the best name of all! The name I’m mostly confronted with when walking my scottie boys, is “is that an Aberdeen Terrier?” Many people remember it being called so, and even though history suggests the name “Scottish Terrier” came into existence around 1880’s people still refer to them as “Aberdeens”. It is said the name “Aberdeen…

Doggie Accessories

Kelpie, Izzy, Finlay & Bobby, Isle of Skye, 2005

Most Scottish Terriers have several, collars and leashes. Some even have Dog Coats to wear when walking. We at Scottie Dog News only wear Collars and leashes. Our collars have the mandatory dog tags, with the appropriate details on, should we become separated. Dog Fancy Dress: We have here at Scottie Dog News, two dog outfits, a Santa Claus Jacket for Finlay and a Green Elf’s outfit for Bobby. They have worn these at a dog training Christmas Party. they